The company, founded in 1969, is synonymous of research and innovation: gama.professional, GBS & GAMA SALON EXCLUSIVE are GAMA’s top-of-the range of professional hair dryers, straighteners, irons, trimmers and clippers, built with the most demanding stylists’ needs in mind.

Our products blend innovative design and the latest technology with pure “Italian Design” and “Made in Italy” quality.

GAMA has its own Lab & Engineering facilities in Italy dedicated to research and innovation where each professional product is carefully studied, developed and tested before distribution.

We thoroughly design and build the motors and inner components of the hairdryers, irons, clippers and trimmers in order to guarantee the best performance and top reliability of our products.

Constantly studying & monitoring our technologies and features to ensure the same professional results, every time. Furthermore, all our top professional hair dryers, straighteners, irons and clippers are built with a focus on hair health and protection.

The end-result is an extensive collection of different hair-technology product ranges produced with style and design, using the best materials and state-of-the-art technologies. Over the years, our constant focus on research and technological innovation has allowed us to develop increasingly new and revolutionary innovations and technologies to help style your hair while keeping it healthy and gorgeous. The best salons choose GAMA Italy Professional products.