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For perfect hair, you need perfect tools! Gama brings you a full range of hair straighteners, from the most traditional to the more innovative models, allowing you to create impeccable looks in the salon and at home, with excellent focus on protection and hair care.

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  1. Loky Box Loky Box

    Loky Box

    Professional hair straighteners unique to the market, designed to be used in beauty salons and equipped with a latest generation control panel where you can adjust the various functions.

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  2. G-Style Oxy-Active Iht Wide & Long G-Style Oxy-Active Iht Wide & Long

    G-Style Oxy-Active Iht Wide & Long

    G-Style Oxy-Active IHT Wide & Long es la plancha dotada de la innovadora tecnología Oxy-Active que permite obtener el efecto Color Lock, es decir, una mayor duración de las coloraciones permanentes y la exaltación de su brillo, gracias a la liberación de oxígeno activo e iones.

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  3. Cp1 Wide Tourmaline 5D Cp1 Wide Tourmaline 5D

    Cp1 Wide Tourmaline 5D

    With CP1 Wide Tourmaline 5D you can create fantastic styles, quickly and easily, even on thicker hair, improving its health and giving it the utmost protection, thanks to the combined action of Ion Plus Technology, ozone and far infrared heat.

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  4. Starlight Argan Starlight Argan

    Starlight Argan

    The straightener designed to be used together with the Argan oil included in the package, will create incredible results and perfect styling.

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  5. Elegance Argan Elegance Argan

    Elegance Argan

    The hair straightener with ultra-flat design and long plates for perfect smooth looks, even on much thicker hair. The Argan oil, supplied free in the package, guarantees stronger, silkier hair, full of shine.

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  6. Starlight Tourmaline 5D Starlight Tourmaline 5D

    Starlight Tourmaline 5D

    With Starlight Tourmaline 5D you can create perfect styles in just one step. At the same time it guarantees wellness and the maximum protection against heat, thanks to the combined action of ozone, ions and far infrared heat.

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In its online store, Gama will find a vast assortment of hair straighteners, created from over 40 years of experience in the industry! Over the years, we have continued to improve the quality and user experience for our straighteners and to design and build innovative technologies that are unique on the marketplace and genuine turning points compared to the past. Today, they give you the possibility to choose the hair iron you like best and that best suits your needs in a truly extensive range, from professional quality hair straighteners to other tools for hassle-free, immediate style results. In our online shop you will find ceramic straighteners, titanium straighteners, and tourmaline straighteners, each recommended for specific needs; ionic straighteners to remove frizz. You can choose hair straighteners, hair curlers, as well as wavers and crimpers. Do you like to change styles but with a single styler? The straightener and curler is the one for you! Do you travel a lot and need a mini straightener that takes up little space and can be used abroad with no problem? We have a full line of travel straighteners, complete with universal voltage that could become your essential styling allies. Our straighteners have been designed not only to satisfy your style needs but also to protect and improve the health of your hair. This is possible thanks to the technology that lets you reduce hair exposure to heat to a minimum, strengthening and revitalising it. With Gama straighteners you can create fantastic styles while you also improve the wellbeing of your hair!
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