Gama tech

GAMA for women, GAMA for professionals.

The best salons choose GAMA PROFESSIONAL, a world in which hairstylists work with instruments that bring out the best in their ideas and skills.
Design and technology blend into products with pure Italian quality, designed and manufactured specially for women and the stylists who take care of their hair.
Our hair dryers, straighteners, irons and clippers are all made using the best technologies, to satisfy the demands for healthy and protected hair even during styling.

The motor and the inner components of the hair dryers are designed to guarantee thebest performance and top reliability of our products.
When asked for lightness, for example, GAMA responds by producing ultra-light products with high power, suited for styling all hair types.

We study and constantly monitor product technologies and features, in order to ensure professional results, every time. Different product ranges produced with style and design, using the best materials and developing the most modern technologies. Over the years, our constant attention to research and technological innovation has allowed us to develop increasingly new and revolutionary innovations and technologies. Let's find out what they are together!


The true heart of every professional hairdryer.

The AC motors (alternate current) are 100% Made in Italy, from lighter and more resistant materials, and last for more than 2,000 hours.

They have been designed and tested in beauty salons, subjected to the typical wear of professional use: prolonged use, high temperatures, environments full of hair.
The special design of the inner cone is shaped in such a way to keep the motor cleaner, preventing hair from getting in and reducing the risk of malfunction.

The motor is designed to last longer, for continuous, repeated and prolonged use.




The heart and soul of professional hair straighteners.

The element heats quickly, maintains a constant temperature and adapts to all hair types. This is the best kept secret of a professional hair straightener.

With the brand new IHT (Instant Heat Technology) element, all these advantages are concentrated into a single technology.
Higher temperatures (up to 230°C) are reached instantly, and above all uniformly across the whole surface of the heating plates.
In this way, just one stroke across the hair is required to obtain the desired style, avoiding unnecessary and harmful heat stress. The hair suffers no damage, and is able to hold the style longer.

In the past, straighteners took a long time to reach the maximum working temperature, and the hair was in contact with the heat for longer, leading to unavoidable damage.
When we introduced Quick Heat technology more than 10 years ago, it was a revolution for the professional beauty world: using hair straighteners became safer andthe hair was better protected.
Quick Heat was the first element applied to hair straighteners that heated in just a few seconds, and IHT is the latest evolution, ensuring instantaneous heating.





Fundamental for beautiful, healthy hair.

GAMA PROFESSIONAL hair dryers are equipped with Ion Technology, which makes the hair shinier, reducing humidity and static electricity.
By releasing negative ions, it revitalises the hair cuticle, previously weak and tired.
After styling, the cuticle is revitalised and the hair appears healthy and shiny once more.
Gama lets you forget untamed hair, and welcomes easy, quick and perfect styling.




Lots of different styles with GAMA PROFESSIONAL products.

Every detail is studied to offer immediate, tangible advantages in using our products.
The professional world inside the beauty salon is our benchmark for every innovation and product improvement.
Our hair dryers, 100% Made in Italy, are for example the only ones on the market supplied with two different nozzles.
A classic 6 mm nozzle for everyday styling, and a professional ultra-slim 9 mm nozzle for even quicker and simpler styling.



In the same way the hair straighteners incorporate in their design a component of extreme flexibility.
In the slim models, the particular shape of the heating plates together with the high temperature reached even on the outside of the straightener body means you can use the same instrument to create different styles.
In just a few moments you can create the classic smooth style or more voluminous curls, with just one hair straightener.




The secret of beautiful, shiny hair.

The type of material used to make our professional appliances has a direct influence on the styling results. With a wide, complete range of products, stylists and women who prefer our products are free to choose the desired effect.

TOURMALINE TECHNOLOGY: the layer of tourmaline covering the plates on our straighteners helps to protect the hair, making it shiny, soft and silky. Choosing this material for our straighteners, we ensure top protection together with a highly professional result.



TITANIUM TECHNOLOGY: lightness and strength are fundamental features of professional products. The titanium covering the plates makes the straighteners highly resistant and durable, extremely light and handy, at the same time treating the hair gently. 



CERAMIC TECHNOLOGY: the ceramic covered plates are particularly delicate in the hair, preventing damaging heat stress. Free, natural and dynamic hair.




To suit all hair types.

The choice of the most suitable temperature for the hair type being styled is the most important moment for achieving the desired style without the risk of damaging the hair.

The table above shows the ideal temperatures: thin or treated hair needs low working temperatures, around 140°-150°C.
On the other hand, thick, natural hair may be styled at higher temperatures, up to 230°C.
Most of our hair straighteners have this important feature, and the digital display allows you to control the working temperature.





As gentle on the hair as you'll find.

The choice of the most suitable materials and the correct working temperature are supported by the possibility of choosing a hair straightener with suspended plates.
The springs under the plates allow the straightener to mould perfectly to the hair in all the movements necessary to create the desired style. A light, gentle touch for the best in hair care.




The practicality of always using the same straighteners.

When you get to know your own hair, it is easier to create and experiment with new and different styles. The Memory function allows you to memorise your favourite temperature to suit your needs.
When switched on, the straighteners automatically reach the set temperature, leaving you to focus on your creative style. 




Freedom and practicality at the beauty salon.

A professional tool must be able to ensure maximum freedom of movement when styling. All our products come with a flexible but resistant 3 m plastic and silicone cable.
Some hair dryer models also have a special cable gland providing a more ergonomic, safer grip, making the hairdryer even lighter and handier.