5D Therapy

GAMA Professional’s top-of-the-line range with 5 key benefits for your hair: Protection, Anti-age, Reconstruction, Anti-frizz and Shine.

The 5D Therapy line has GAMA Professional’s top-of-the-line technologies. Thanks to the combined action of Ozone, Ion-Plus Technology, and Far-Infrared Heat, the entire 5D Therapy line has five guaranteed beneficial effects on the hair: hair reconstruction and protection, anti-age effect, anti-frizz & extra shine. Ozone purifies and rejuvenates the hair; the ions rebuild it, leaving it looking shiny and frizz free; while the far infra-red heat emitted by the hairdryer’s Halogen Technology and the tourmaline plates on the straighteners, guarantee maximum hair protection from all external agents and stress factors

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