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Professional hair straighteners unique to the market, designed to be used in beauty salons and equipped with a latest generation control panel where you can adjust the various functions.

  • Latest generation, professional hair straighteners with control panel
  • Equipped with all the latest Gama technologies
  • Adjustable temperature up to 250°C
  • All types of hair perfectly smooth in just one step

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Loky Box


Loky Box are professional hair straighteners with control panel that allow hairstylists to straighten all types of hair perfectly in just one step, quickly and with excellent results, at the same time making sure that hair is healthy, shiny and protected from heat.

The distinguishing element is the stand, where it is possible to place the straighteners when they are not being used and which also includes a latest generation control panel that gives access to all the straighteners’ functions such as switch on and temperature adjustment 5°C at a time (from 150°C to 250°C), with the temperatures displayed on the digital screen.

Loky are the only straighteners on the market that reach 250° C, thus being able to straighten all types of hair perfectly, including the most difficult and rebellious to styling. The hairstylist can adjust the temperature, also depending on their own straightening style: if they are used to using the straighteners rapidly, they can choose the maximum temperature for perfectly straight hair immediately when first applied.

When the straighteners are placed on the stand, they enter standby mode, guaranteeing considerable energy saving. An hour after being switched on, they also turn off automatically if unused, guaranteeing maximum safety and a lower energy consumption. The stand can also be hung on the wall, saving space in the salon.

Loky includes all Gama’s most advanced technologies. IHT technology, which is patented, allows the desired temperatures to be reached immediately (230°C in 14.3 seconds) with the plates heating up evenly and constantly. This makes it so that all the hairs in the same lock are perfectly straightened all together, as they undergo the same, identical heat from root to tip.

These results are also achieved thanks to the floating plates and the pivot that is located in the outer part of the straighteners: this allows the plates to close fully, with an even, greater pressure on the hair, adhering perfectly to all hair, straightening it from the first stroke. To make the plates adhere even more, the straighteners can be held with both hands, pressing on the front part too, where there is an ergonomic point that is heat insulated.

The 6 x 9 cm plates help to increase styling speed and also provide perfectly straight hair in a short time, even on long, thick hair. Thanks to Silk-Chrome technology, the plates can glide over hair even more easily and provide excellent performance even on chemically-treated hair.

Oxy-Active technology releases active oxygen and ions. The active oxygen prolongs the duration of hair dyes and enhances shine. It keeps hair cuticles closed, ensuring dye pigments stay trapped inside. It also protects hair from the damaging action of external agents and combats free radicals, to preserve hair on the one hand and dye on the other, making sure colour is shiny and long-lasting.

In addition to the benefits for dyed hair, the active oxygen also has many other excellent properties for hair care. It provides deep cleansing of the scalp, eliminating impurities and improving microcirculation. The greater contribution of oxygen and nutritional substances for the hair bulbs allows hair healthy and strong, also making it appear younger and revitalised. Active oxygen also acts as a strong, scientifically tested antibacterial agent that can remove any bacteria and fungus on hair.

The ions help to reconstruct the hair’s outer surface, keeping it soft, shiny and frizz-free. While using the straightener, you may hear a slight noise, which is absolutely normal and due to the large amount of ions being released. The ioniser consists of a series of visible, exposed wires outside the straighteners to prevent the dispersion of ions inside the straightener body.

Thanks to Nano Silver technology, the plates also have a covering of nano particles with a powerful antibacterial action that prevents the formation of impurities on the plates themselves, keeping them perfectly clean and sanitised.

The 3 metre power cord swivels around 360° and allows maximum freedom of movement to hairstylists.

Loky straighteners include 3 combs - narrow, wide and extra wide - that guide the plates, unknotting hair and providing perfect straight hair. The choice of comb depends on the type of hair to be styled: if hair is straight, slightly wavy, fine and soft, choose the narrow comb, while curly coarse hair will need the wide comb. The combs are optional so if not used, we recommend inserting the part in the housing to make the surface level with the plate. After use, the combs can be placed in the compartment on the back of the stand.

Technical specs

Plate coating:Silk-Chrome
Floating plates:Yes
Temperature:Adjustable 150°-250°
Display:LCD – on stand
Heating element:IHT
Ionisation:Ion Plus
Nano Silver Technology:Yes
Standby Mode :When the straighteners are placed on the stand
Automatic shut-off:yes, 60 minutes after switching on
360° swivel cord:Yes
Cord length (m):3
Gentle action
Lasting styling
Voltage (V):Multi-Volt 110-240
Weight (g):920
Product length (cm):28,5
Plate size (cm):6 x 9
Supplied:3 interchangeable combs to add to straighteners

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