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For more than 40 years we have been designing and producing cutting edge technologies for hair care and well-being, in step with the times and the demands of a market which, like fashion, is constantly evolving.

Our strength can be summed up in two words: Research and Innovation. These two fundamentals guide our activities every day, to study, develop and test our products.

We experiment new technologies and solutions with passion and dedication, aiming to optimise the experience of professional hairstylists and enthusiastic style and beauty consumers.

Our aim is to supply increasingly new and sophisticated professional hair care tools.

Performance - We always focus on the market

The first professional hair straighteners launched on the market were produced by GAMA in 1969, and since then we have continued to focus on the fashions and trends set by salon stylists.

Developing a product together with them means understanding and satisfying all the needs of day-to-day salon activities. All aspects are important, are analysed and developed, to become the technical and physical characteristics of products that hold the secrets of the professional world within.

Translating simply and immediately the needs of stylists and women who love beauty is our creative skill, GAMA products are designed and manufactured starting from our profound knowledge of the market and our continuous dialogue with its experts.

Let's find out which of these features make our products unique.


GAMA balance and ergonomics make work more comfortable.

Ergonomics is the science that places human activity in relation to the environmental, instrumental and organisational conditions they are carried out in. The ultimate aim of this study is to adapt such conditions to suit human needs.

The design of working objects and instruments must respect human limits and improve operational skills.
In the salon, a light, well balanced product ensures greater comfort during prolonged use.

For example, developing a hair dryer is based on the most appropriate methods for reducing the fatigue of the person using it repeatedly during the day.
The study of the correct motor position helps to find the best balance for the hair dryer, while its grip and the materials used improve comfort and the feeling of lightness.



Movements are quicker and safer because there is less weight to support.
The ergonomic design makes it easy to handle and control.
The innovative design of the cable gland invites the user to wind the cable round the forearm, ensuring the correct distribution of the weight.




Reduced styling times with GAMA.

The flow rate is the quantity of air through a hair dryer and is generally measured in m3h (cubic metres per hour), that is to say the quantity of air which crosses a section in relation to its compression.
The design and production of the various parts of the hair dryer (fan, suction filter, inner cone) combined with the motor performance, allows us to establish the correct air flow balance.

The high air flow of GAMA hair dryers helps to style more hair, quicker: faster styling means more customers in the salon.
The heating speed is regulated by the type of element mounted on the straightener, irons or hair dryer.
Latest generation elements, fast and efficient, reach the required temperature in a short time, and above all then keep it constant.
Fast styling is the secret of beauty professionals.




GAMA hair dryers, high temperatures in a shorter time

Measured in Watts, this is the ratio between the voltage and the electric current in the unit of time. In a hair dryer, the total absorbed power is divided between the motor (approx. 150W) and the element, which heats the air.
The shape of the inner cone of the hair dryer, the number and type of spirals in the element, the motor that pushes the air inside the hair dryers, with the correct balance, make it possible to obtain high power. 

Only using our high power hair dryers is it possible to rapidly reach the high temperatures required for salon styling.
The greater the available power, the more effective its action.




Success in the salon with GAMA styling

Pressure is conventionally measured in mm of water columns. The higher the value, the greater the ability of the hair dryer to force air into the concentrator (nozzles and diffuser).
The higher the pressure a hair dryer develops on the output, the greater the possibility to reduce the area through which the air passes, i.e. the nozzle.

This prevents stress and possible damage to the motor, and therefore the hair dryer.

The high pressure of GAMA hair dryers helps to create better, longer lasting and more precise styles using ultra-slim, highly professional nozzles.
To complete and perfect the style, use professional hair straighteners with floating plates, which help to quickly create strong styles, in any case gentle on the hair.





The pleasure of working stress-free with GAMA

Noise is measured in decibels and the scale has an exponential logarithmic rather than linear growth.
This means that at medium-high noise levels, even a small increase in decibels (e.g.: 3-5 db) has a higher perception of growth.
Vice versa, reducing the noise of an appliance by a few decibels can be important.
Reducing noise means reducing physical and mental stress.

To make work and salon life more pleasant, the comfort of silence is very important: this is why we design our hair dryers by paying attention to their silence.