5D Therapy

5D Therapy line

Halogen Tecnology

The 5D Therapy line includes 2 hair dryers with halogen technology and 2 tourmaline plates that, thanks to the combined action of Ion Plus Technology, ozone and far infra red heat, will have five guaranteed beneficial effects on the hair: anti-frizz, shine, reconstruction, anti-age, and continued protection.

  • Protected hair
  • Longer-lasting styling
  • Younger-looking, silky soft, and shiny hair
  • Goodbye to static and frizz
Ozone purifies hair and leaves it looking younger, while the ions rebuild it, leaving it looking shiny and frizz free. The far infrared heat emitted from the hair dryer using halogen technology and from the tourmaline plates on the straighteners, guarantees maximum hair protection.

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With the 5D Therapy line, you’ll be giving your hair a genuine beauty treatment, while you dry it, and create your perfect style. The hair dryers and straighteners in this line, as well as allowing you to create perfect styles, also look after the hair and protect it, leaving it looking healthier, younger, shinier and easier to manage.

Ozone is a strong antibacterial agent that eliminates excess grease and impurities that block the pores on the scalp, for guaranteed sufficient oxygenation. This means that hair can grow healthier and stronger from the root, undergoing a genuine rejuvenation process. Ozone also has significant purifying, disinfectant and antibacterial qualities. Laboratory tests have certified that from the very first use, that the hair dryer and straighteners with Ozone-Ion technology, significantly reduce bacteria and mycosis on the hair!

The ions help to rebuild the hair molecule, removing frizz to leave hair soft and full of shine.

The far infrared heat from the 5D Therapy hair dryers comes from a halogen lamp inside them and from the tourmaline on the straightener plates, to guarantee continued protection. In fact it has a wavelength that directly penetrates the centre of the hair, spreading outwards from the inside, for guaranteed sublime styling results: hair will be perfectly blow dried within a short time, and it will be easier to create lasting styles.

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