Heated, straightening and ionic brushes

With Gama hairbrushes you will have important allies for fabulous hairstyles and healthy, shiny hair. Thanks to the technology they contain, you will achieve many different styles very quickly and simply!

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  1. Innova Duo Innova Duo

    Innova Duo

    Innova Duo is a heated straightening brush that is one of a kind, because it is double. Thanks to special technologies, the materials used to make it and to its eye-catching design, it is a next-generation tool that will give you manageable, smooth and shiny hair, in the wink of an eye.

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  2. Turbo Ionic Turbo Ionic

    Turbo Ionic

    A complete brush, suitable in order to realize different hairstyles, avoiding the anti-frizz effect.

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  3. Extreme Keration Extreme Keration

    Extreme Keration

    For those who love brushes, their detangling power, to have very soft and smooth hair, protecting its natural keratin, thanks to Micro Glitt technology.

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  4. 3D Therapy Bag Set 3D Therapy Bag Set

    3D Therapy Bag Set

    The ideal set for those who like to care for their appearance. It contains next-generation IHT hair straighteners with ions, heatproof bag, brush, clips, and eyebrow tweezers. And all inside an elegant leather box.

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  5. Innova Multibrush Innova Multibrush

    Innova Multibrush

    The multi-function hairbrush-straighteners that you can use as hair straighteners, as a round heated brush and as a hair curler, to create so many different styles, styling your hair and making it shiny each time you use it.

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  6. Innova Mini Innova Mini

    Innova Mini

    The lightweight, compact hair-straightening brush that allows you straight, styled hair as smooth as silk even when travelling or away from the home, with minimum effort and maximum convenience.

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  7. Innova Digital Innova Digital

    Innova Digital

    Innova Digital is the hair-straightening brush that allows you to have smooth, straight, silky hair all the time, with minimum effort and maximum convenience.

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  8. Phon Multifunzioni Rotante Ion Phon Multifunzioni Rotante Ion

    Phon Multifunzioni Rotante Ion

    The ideal tool to dry and shape hair, leaving it full of bounce and shine.

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  9. Ionic Brush 3D Ionic Brush 3D

    Ionic Brush 3D

    The battery-powered straightening brush that releases a large amount of ions during use eliminating frizz to leave hair softer and shinier with every stroke.

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  10. Ozone Ion Deep Care 4D Ozone Ion Deep Care 4D

    Ozone Ion Deep Care 4D

    The brush for perfect styling, with ozone and ions to purify and strengthen hair, leaving it easy to manage and full of shine.

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In Gama Professional online shop you will find a huge range of hairbrushes that can satisfy any styling needs. Perfectly straight, soft, shiny hair with the Innova heated hair-straightening brushes: with heated bristles that can straighten your hair anywhere by simply brushing them. Each stroke of the brush makes your hair shiny and silky, for a fabulous head of hair that is frizz-free with minimum effort. If you want a natural straight style and you like changing style often, from upturned hair, downturned, wavy, you need a round brush. It simulates the movement that hairstylists perform when straightening hair with a brush and hairdryer, combining them into one product. With these hair-drying brushes, it is much easier to achieve the desired style and also save precious time! You can choose the round Gama Turbo Ionic brush or the Turbo Ion 2000 Rotating brush which comes with several accessories to allow you to curl your hair too. The innovative, battery-operated ion and ozone brushes from the 3D Therapy and 4D Therapy ranges on the other hand make your hair soft and shiny with each brush and remove frizz; the ozone brush also purifies and rejuvenates your hair.

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