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Wide, bouncy waves, soft ringlets with a natural appearance, splendid beach waves and close, defined, tapered curls. With Gama curling irons you can create all of the wavy looks you want. Quickly and easily!

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  1. Starlight 19 Starlight 19

    Starlight 19

    The curling iron that will give you lasting tight curls, quickly and easily!

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  2. Starlight 25 Starlight 25

    Starlight 25

    Curls and waves are possible with this instantly heating curling iron that can guarantee your hair the utmost in gentle protection.

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  3. Starlight 33 Starlight 33

    Starlight 33

    To create splendid curls or big waves, try the Gama Starlight 33 curling iron: amazing looks quickly and with ease!

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  4. G-Evo 19 G-Evo 19

    G-Evo 19

    The professional hair irons with 19 mm diameter rod to create tight, defined curls as quickly and easily as possible.

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  5. G-Evo 25 G-Evo 25

    G-Evo 25

    25 mm diameter and instant heating for natural-looking curls, easily and in the least amount of time possible.

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  6. G-Evo 33 G-Evo 33

    G-Evo 33

    The professional curling iron with a diameter of 33 mm. Ideal for creating big, soft curls on long hair as well as to quickly and easily boost volume.

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    Tourmaline Curling Iron Tourmaline Curling Iron

    Tourmaline Curling Iron

    Curling iron to obtain soft and natural hair waves with maximum delicacy, without damaging your hair.

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  7. Nova 19 Nova 19

    Nova 19

    For splendid sleek, tight curls on both long and short hair, with a curling iron that has a lightweight, easy-to-handle design.

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G-Evo, Starlight and Nova: these are the three curling iron lines available from our online store, each consisting of a large curling iron with a 33 mm diameter, a 25 mm curling iron for waves and a 19 mm diameter iron for curls. You can choose the irons with the perfect dimension rod for you, according to the style you prefer and also based on the length of your hair. For short hair, you can achieve the best results with the slimmest curling iron, while with long hair, you can have fun creating all kinds of different styles. The G-Evo professional curling irons have been designed for salon use, to give stylists tools that are quick, reliable and equipped with the most advanced technologies, such as IHT, making them the fastest irons in the world when it comes to reaching the required temperature setting. It also allows constant, even heat distribution along the barrel making it possible to shape hair from the first pass, with no heat stress and even improving the hair’s health. This technology has also been used on Starlight curling irons, to make professional results possible for those who use curling irons at home. All Gama curling irons offer you a choice of ideal temperature setting to suit your hair type, making it possible to treat your hair with the utmost care. They also have a rod covered in titanium or tourmaline, next-generation materials that are very gentle on your locks. These are ultra-simple curling irons thanks to spring handgrips, 360° swivel cord and anti-scald tip. The G-Evo, Starlight and Nova curling irons come with a stand and operate with universal voltage, meaning you can take your splendid curls and fabulous waves wherever you go, to any country in the world.
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