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Impeccable drying and perfect styling. These are the results you’ll achieve with the Gama hair dryer, but that’s not all. Our researchers have developed advanced technology to improve the health and wellness of your hair, so you can have perfect-looking locks.

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  1. Iq perfetto Iq perfetto

    Iq perfetto

    iQ perfetto the world's lightest, most powerful and intelligent hair dryer. 294 grams of technology, an essential working tool, generator of beauty and wellness on the hair thanks to the ozone, designed not to tire the musculoskeletal apparatus of professionals. A cult object that every hair stylist can no longer do without.

    ¿Do you have questions or doubts about our iQ perfetto? Do you want to discover its main features? Visit the FAQ section, iq-perfetto you will find an immediate answer to the most frequently asked questions.

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  2. G-Evo 4500 Halogen Ion Plus G-Evo 4500 Halogen Ion Plus

    G-Evo 4500 Halogen Ion Plus

    Cutting-edge halogen technology to strengthen your hair, while ions will leave it soft and shiny as you dry.

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  3. G-Evo 3800 Ultra Light Halogen Ion Plus G-Evo 3800 Ultra Light Halogen Ion Plus

    G-Evo 3800 Ultra Light Halogen Ion Plus

    Fast, perfect styles with the utmost light weight, respecting the health and appearance of your hair.

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  4. G-Evo 4500 Ion Plus G-Evo 4500 Ion Plus

    G-Evo 4500 Ion Plus

    Create extraordinary styles with this professional hair dryer that’s quick and easy to use, and leaves your hair soft, shiny and easy to manage.

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  5. Eco 2000 Eco 2000

    Eco 2000

    The hair dryer that gives you top savings and at the same time, guarantees perfect performance and professional-looking results

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  6. Pluma 5500 Pluma 5500

    Pluma 5500

    The professional hairdryer that is as light as a feather, will never tire you and can be used to create perfect styling results.

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  7. Classic Classic


    The lightweight, colourful hair dryer for ultra-fast drying and a bold touch of brightness to your home or salon.

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  8. Pluma 5500 Ion Pluma 5500 Ion

    Pluma 5500 Ion

    Make your hair shiny, soft and silky, with the easy, lightweight and professional ionic hair dryer.

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  9. Pluma 5500 Oxy-Active Pluma 5500 Oxy-Active

    Pluma 5500 Oxy-Active

    Pluma 5500 Oxy-Active is a next-generation hair dryer with System C, a unique Gama patent technology that guarantees maximum safe use for the hair dryer as well as a longer lifetime, through constant control of the air output temperature.

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  10. G-Evo 3800 Ion Plus G-Evo 3800 Ion Plus

    G-Evo 3800 Ion Plus

    Compact dimensions and Ion Plus technology for an easy-to-handle hair dryer that will leave your hair soft, shiny and free from frizz.

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Our line of professional hair dryers, Made in Italy, offers you a choice of Classic, silent, powerful hair dryers in bright, bold colours; Pluma, lightweight blow dryers with the perfect mix of balance, light weight and easy handling, now in new elegant, sophisticated shades; Eco, the energy-saving hair dryer that allows you to save electricity and spare the environment; Express, which includes an anti-frizz hair dryer and an eco hair dryer that you can use to create a fabulous look, or G-Evo, the next-generation dryer with the very latest technologies, able to improve the health of your hair. Halogen technology, the very latest arrival, thanks to close collaboration with our in-house laboratories and beauty salons, is able to boost microcirculation in the scalp and reinforce the hair’s roots. Ion Plus technology releases up to 80% more negative ions compared to other ionic systems, leaving hair more hydrated, softer, easier to manage and free from frizz. All professional dryers have an AC motor with at least 2000 W of power and therefore, can offer you ultra-fast drying and create splendid styles in the shortest amount of time. The Performance line offers you perfect hair dryers for home use, bringing you excellent performance together with easy handling and practical use. If you are looking for a genuine hair treatment, you can choose the ozone hair dryer from the 4D Therapy line, for truly surprising results and stronger, younger-looking hair. And in our online store, you will also find Journey, the perfect travel hair dryer to accompany you anywhere in the world, thanks to its compact size and folding handle. All of our hair dryers are excellent smoothing dryers, thanks to their special nozzles; and our dryers with diffuser are perfect for curly hair and for creating volume.
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