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Protects surfaces from heat up to 250°C - Can be wrapped around the straightener and curling iron to store or transport them safely - Prevents the straightener and curling iron from slipping - Made in Italy

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The Gama heat-resistant pad is a must-have item for your bathroom or living room, and the hair straightener and curling iron will no longer be able to do without it! Made of silicone, it can resist up to a temperature of 250°C, protecting your surface from heat and preventing your beauty tools from slipping, because it adheres to the underlying surface.

The heat-resistant pad is not only useful during styling, but also after styling. You can wrap it around the straightener or iron for safe storage or transport. Silicone is also a very handy and extremely versatile material, so you can fold it up so that it takes up very little space when stored.

The Gama heat-resistant pad is entirely produced in Italy.


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Made in Italy