There are many reasons for hair loss in women, it can happen during the change of season, for genetic reasons, or due to physical and psychological factors, such as a period of high stress. If the situation is serious, it is advisable to consult an expert, but in the simplest cases it is possible to use some caution and some natural remedy to limit the problem.

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Autumn and spring are the two typical seasons in which you tend to lose more hair. In these cases, it can be useful to prevent the problem by starting treatment with millet, zinc and B vitamin supplements in advance. (Ask your doctor for advice!)


A period of strong stress can have repercussions on the state of health of the hair, which becomes thinner, more damaged and falls out more frequently. If eliminating the source of stress is not possible, try to carve out moments of relaxation. Chamomile and mauve infusions can help.


Sometimes hair loss is linked to a physical problem, such as the presence of dermatitis or a fungus. The use of suitable shampoos and lotions can improve the situation in a short time. In any case, it is better to consult your doctor or dermatologist beforehand.


In winter try to protect your scalp from the cold by wearing a nice hat. Equally, in the summerprotect your hair from the strong sun by using a hat, a headscarf and a spray with UV filter.


In general, try not to stress your hair with too aggressive treatments and when drying it always use an average temperature.

The Leggero Ozone Ion of the 4d Therapy Line is perfect for this type of need: the combined action of Ions and Ozone, constantly emitted during drying, cleanses the scalp by removing bacteria and funguses that may be found on it and on the hair. Ozone also improves circulation and therefore oxygenation of the scalp, allowing hair bulbs to grow healthier, stronger and thicker.


Use strengthening and hair loss treatment products to apply directly to the skin. They are usually serums, contained in single-dose ampoules or in practical dispenser bottles, to be applied to the scalp and absorbed with a light massage. They are non-greasy and have the advantage of being quickly absorbed.


Using aggressive chemicals can cause thinning of the hair: prefer natural colors such as henna and nourish the hair with nourishing but gentle products. The use of hairspray or gel is also inappropriate.


Take care of the diet. If your food is poor, so will your hair. So, eat plenty of vitamins, fibers, minerals and proteins for the health and beauty of your hair. Eat plenty of green leafy vegetables, legumes, soy, bluefish and whole grains. It is not simply good for your hair; it is good for your whole body!

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