The coatings of the heating plates are not all the same, indeed: depending on the material they are made of, they give the styling different features and results. 

Titanium, Tourmaline and Ceramic are the three main coatings currently found in most of the plates on the market. Let us discover all their secrets together!


It is the material that has to all effects transformed the world of heating plates. Until a few years ago, materials such as metal were used which did not protect the hair from the emitted heat. Ceramic, on the other hand, ensures a more delicate styling and better protection of the hair, as well as having the privilege of distributing the heat evenly across the entire heating plate.

Using a Ceramic hair straightener, you can notice how the heating plates slide quickly over the hair, ensuring less exposure of the hair to heat.

One of the best hair straighteners on the market is the Fable Frisè, with floating Ceramic coated heating plates that adhere perfectly to the hair for an excellent protection of the hair from heat and long life to the hairstyle. 


We asked the opinion of Grazia Cassanelli, from Grant Parrucchieri: "in the past iron was used as a material but today we have had considerable developments in the construction of hair straighteners that can give great benefits to the hair, Titanium and Tourmaline hair straighteners are an excellent example". 

These two materials have a dual function. In addition to distributing the heat evenly over the hair, they coat the hair fiber with a transparent protective layer that makes the hair shiny and protects it from heat.

As Grazia also told us: "Obviously Titanium and Tourmaline are materials that are more expensive than others, but the final result is definitely above all: high standards of hair protection are guaranteed, the hair doesn't suffer during the styling because the heat is evenly distributed, thus avoiding the annoying frizzy effect".


Ceramic coatings are particularly suitable for people with damaged hair and who usually use straighteners. If you want to obtain more professional results, however, it is advisable to use a tourmaline or titanium hair straightener since they are better materials and are equipped with advanced technologies.

Titanium hair straighteners are recommended for those who already have fairly straight but treated hair because it is a very delicate material that flows easily on the hair. It is hypoallergenic and antibacterial through the silver ions that are emitted during the use of the straightener. Moreover, it is a light and, at the same time, resistant material, so titanium straighteners are comfortable and easy to handle during use but also exceptionally reliable. 

Tourmaline, meanwhile, is more suitable for dull and untamable, frizzy and dry hair. It also offers the advantage of emitting negative ions in a natural way as soon as it encounters heat. Ionization makes hair shinier and healthier and eliminates frizz.