Who we are


"To produce professional beauty and styling tools

has been our mantra and challenge for the past 40 years. Pursuit of this goal has propelled us to the forefront of the professional haircare market, producing straighteners and hair dryers through a sales and marketing network covering in 50 different countries.

GAMA around the globe

From a solid base serving the Italian market, we have extended our reach to beauty and hair salons worldwide, helping to drive the creative genius of Russian, Argentinian, Brazilian, Spanish and French stylists.

GAMA has its own sales outlets in 
Russia and across South America, distributors in more than 50 countries, and research labs in Italy, Argentina and China working on constantly-evolving and original solutions for seamless integration into the lives of people of different cultures, tastes and trends.

research and development operations are a hive of activity as teams around the world serve hairstylists on the hunt for the perfect hairstyle and consumers passionate about looking after their hair.


It all started in 1969 when the creative wizardry of a number of beauty salons inspired us to seek a new way of interpreting hair care.

The result was the first ever professional straighteners, produced in large quantities by GAMA, and capturing the attention and interest of professional hair stylists around the globe.
In other words, GAMA haircare and styling products became the tool of choice and secret weapon both backstage at fashion events and in hair salons.

In our endeavour to constantly improve the user experience of our products, over the years we have pioneered several new technologies that have proved to be an epoch-making step forward in the history of hair care.

The launch of our QuickHeat technology in the late 90s made the impossible possible: straighteners that heated up and were ready to use in seconds changed the way professional stylists worked.
This was followed by IHT (Instant Heat Technology) which was patented and brought to market in 2010. This innovative technology heats straightener plates instantly, and delivers long-lasting, sleek and shiny hair in just one application.

Our more recent history has seen us continue to expand our concept of beauty and style, bringing professional hair dryers, curling irons and hair clippers as well as hair straighteners to our customers.
The introduction of the new range of all-Italian design professional hair dryers represents yet another milestone in our ongoing pursuit of technological innovation.