For women, hair is a must, and it is well known that a beautiful hairstyle or perfect styling is what they all want.

But as everyone knows, every woman is always a little unhappy with her hair. Those who have wavy hair would like it curly, those who have straight hair would like it curly and those who have curly hair would like it super straight, poker-straight look.

But what is a woman's biggest nightmare about her hair? The unappealing frizzy effect, exceedingly difficult to tame and remove.

For this reason, those who suffer from it undergo intense and long-lasting treatments, first and foremost: straightening.

But let us find out together what it is and, above all, what the pros and cons are.


To understand what hair straightening is, we talked to Grazia Cassanelli, from Grant Parrucchieri: "Hair straightening or straightening treatments consist of two types of treatments: chemical or with natural products. The first, like all chemical treatments, is more aggressive than the second".

To be more specific, chemical straightening breaks the sulfur layers that make up the hair, which are then reconstructed using chemical agents.

Instead, straightening with natural products is less aggressive. The most used is the Brazilian style: a natural process that has keratin as its base, the main protein that makes up hair, body hair and nails.

Both treatments have an incomparable effect on all types of hair, even the most frizzy and curly, so undergoing straightening will make you say goodbye to hair straighteners, anti-frizz treatments, products for the care and protection of split ends and thermal protectors.

But these straightening treatments have both pros and cons: let us discover them together!


First of all, both chemical and natural hair straightening enables to make any type of hair perfectly smooth, so it is an excellent solution for those who want poker-straight hair. 

Plus, your hair will be soft, silky and full-bodied right away.

Another advantage is the durability, although, Grazia specifies, "The chemical treatment has a higher resistance than the natural treatment and therefore lasts longer". 

Basically, the natural treatments last about 3 months but a lot depends on the type of hair.


As already mentioned, chemical straightening has several negative aspects, including some factors that are harmful to health. This is because the products used to do it contain formaldehyde, a substance that is harmful to our health if it exceeds certain values. 

"It is not recommended to carry out the chemical straightening treatment on hair that has already been treated, colored, with highlights or on hair that has already been straightened with lotions or other products. It would be better to do it only on natural hair. While, instead, if you have damaged or sensitive and already treated hair, it would be better to do a straightening with natural products" specified Grazia, who recommends, however, to "always and only rely on expert hands for these types of treatments, above all, inform yourself well about the products used and the ingredients included in them.

If you do not want to use specific treatments, there is nothing better to straighten your hair than Gama hair straighteners. Made with innovative materials and the latest technology, they not only allow you to achieve perfect looks but also improve the health and well-being of your hair. An example?  Starlight Tourmaline 5D Therapy allows you to achieve perfect and fast styling ensuring the well-being and maximum protection from heat through the combined action of Ozone, Ions and Far Infrared Heat. 

Ozone has a real regenerating effect on the hair, the Ions act on the hair strengthening and fortifying it, contrasting the frizz and giving it brightness and shine. Tourmaline emits Far Infrared Heat, which is particularly delicate because it penetrates the center of the hair and spreads from the inside out, protecting the cuticle as much as possible.

If you are wondering which are the best straighteners on the market, Ceramic, Titanium and Tourmaline: the straighteners' coatings can help you choose the most convenient and highest quality products!

Starlight Tourmaline 5D

Create perfect styles in just one step. At the same time it guarantees wellness and the maximum protection against heat, thanks to the combined action of ozone, ions and far infrared heat.