White hair is often considered an unmistakable sign of the time going by, actually, this is not always true since its appearance is intricately linked to genetic factors, periods of stress and an unbalanced diet, as well as certain pathologies.

Hair turns white when it loses melanin and the follicles can no longer color it. In white hair, melanocytes, the cells specialized in melanin production, die prematurely.

Is it possible to prevent them from appearing? "If the reason is genetic, you can't avoid their appearance," explains the expert Grazia Cassanelli of Grant Parrucchieri "but white hair doesn't have to be a nightmare for women.

A short cut or a youthful blunt cut can contrast with a type of color that is associated with aging and create a fascinating and natural look". Today many stars have decided to show off their white hair on the red carpet, just think of Helen Mirren, Jamie Lee Curtis or Meryl Streep.

For many, in fact, a total white look is in fact a synonym of charisma and charm and represents a determined and strong woman. As Grazia suggested, with white hair it is better to opt for short cuts, and for those who want to dare we recommend a pixie or a mannish cut.

Furthermore, white hair can be brightened up and enriched with silver highlights or light effects.

If white hair does not convince you and you want to delay its appearance, a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and proteins can help you.

Let us see together which diet is best against white hair.


Vitamins are important for the health of the whole organism and in particular those of group B are essential for the hair: they are found to be abundant in foods of animal origin and are found in particular in tuna and salmon, eggs, milk, beef and pork.

Among the foods of vegetable origin, wholegrain cereals, nuts and green leafy vegetables (spinach, arugula, herbs) should be preferred.

Other important vitamins are A, C and E, called antioxidants, which contrast free radicals, the main cause of aging. These vitamins are found in yellow, orange and red fruits and vegetables. Vitamins C and E improve blood circulation to the scalp. To make the natural color of our hair last, it is important to allow the hair cells to have the right nutrients.

Have you ever noticed that white hair is usually thicker and frizzier than others? To eliminate frizz, the G-STYLE ION PLUS, professional hair straightener, thanks to Ion Plus technology, emits a higher amount of ions that give hair shine and softness but above all help to eliminate frizz.


Copper is one of those microelements indispensable to produce melanin and its shortage is responsible for the development of white hair. Copper is found in beef liver, in chocolate (a good excuse to eat it!), in dried fruit, and in almonds, in cashews and lentils.

Selenium, on the other hand, is among the minerals involved in the production of hormones that fight free radicals and therefore the aging process: it is found in cereals, eggs, Brazilian nuts, bluefish and salmon.


Since hair is made up largely of proteins, they become an essential nutrient. Legumes, milk, eggs, fish, meat and dried fruit are by far the most important sources of protein.

Ultimately, a balanced diet that is rich in all nutrients is good not only for slowing down the progression of white hair but also for the health of the whole body.

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