You may have frizzy hair because of genetic and natural issues or because of the wrong behavior and treatments that have made it so. Especially during the change of season, hair tends to frizz and to be thicker: in spring and autumn there are many changes in temperature, a lot of humidity and an annoying wind.

You must, therefore, be careful with your hair to avoid ruining it.

Those who have frizzy hair know it well, it is a type of hair that tends to be dry, which loses moisture during the day and that should be treated with specific products that fight water loss.

It seems easy to say so, but we often make mistakes, even trivial ones, which accentuate the problem.

Is your hair frizzy and you do not know how to handle it? In this section you will find our advice on mistakes to avoid and how to have soft and disciplined hair.

So, let us see how to treat our frizzy hair properly.


The expert Alberto Brunelleschi tells us first of all that "hair moisturization is essential. The right hydration must be provided from the moment of washing". It seems a paradox, but it is actually the humidity, most of the time, that makes our hair frizzy, even though it is actually the water that is missing.

Choose a shampoo rich in glycerin, that permeates the hair shaft, moisturizes it and covers it with a protective thread that insulates it from moisture.

Never give up the balm, always choose a specific one, with a soothing and moisturizing action, and at least once a week replace it with a nice wrap or a mask, to be left on for a few minutes.

A tip: when washing your hair, do not use too hot water, which tends to dehydrate, but in any case, lukewarm.


Do you get out of the shower and rub your hair to get rid of excess water? Wrong! This is a mistake that is often made with the intention of eliminating water as soon as possible. But by doing so, your hair becomes "electric" and, once dry, even more frizzy.

Choose a microfiber towel, pat your hair and wrap it up for a few minutes: it will be drier in a short time, but not electric.

It is time for specific products to be applied before drying. The best and most suitable are dry oils, which do not grease, give definition, hydration and cover the hair with a film that prevents moisture from causing damage.

Apply the oil (or the anti-frizz product) on the lengths and comb to distribute it well and evenly. One of the most common mistakes, at this point, is to dry hair with a hair dryer at high temperatures. As we have already seen, however, too hot temperatures are the worst enemy of frizzy hair and should be avoided.

For the drying process we always recommend using professional hair dryers, such as iQ Perfetto, equipped with Oxy Active technology that releases active oxygen and ions that eliminate frizz and give hair shine. In addition, you can choose from 12 combinations of speed and temperature that you can keep stored thanks to Memory Function technology, so the temperature is always under control.

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