Hair oils are essential products to hold frizz off, nourish the hair and give it shine. However, they are not recommended for those who suffer from particularly oily hair. In this regard, we asked the hairdresser Alberto Brunelleschi who told us "I do not suggest the use of oils for those who have rather greasy hair but if you still want to use them for the benefits they may have, I recommend applying them only on the ends if you have long hair, and to buy oils free of silicones so as not to weigh the hair down".

We always advise you to choose the right oil by asking and relying on professionals who, depending on your hair type, can give you all the most appropriate suggestions. In fact, it is said that with oils you have to be patient and calmly find the products that best meet the needs of our skin because different features of the oil can affect the result, such as the amount we apply, the time of application and how we wash it.

But let us now find out our advice on the most effective hair oils on the market, with restructuring and protective features.

There are many hair oils available on the market, with different qualities and properties, so you can always find the one best suited to your hair.

The Oils can be used in many ways, depending on the particular needs of the hair or the needs of the period, which may change depending on the season.


In the middle of summer, with hair subjected to various stresses (more frequent washing, sun, salt, chlorine), a restructuring oil is indicated which may be applied from the skin to the ends, both as a pre-shampoo pack and as the final styling product.

For example, coconut oil, rich in vitamin E, which is also used as a treatment on the skin, prevents hair loss, invigorates the hair shaft and hydrates the hair. Since it retains moisture, it is therefore particularly suitable for frizzy hair.


If you have hair with dandruff, choose an oil that is light but rich in omega 3 and helps to remove the problem, such as linseed oil. Again, flaxseed oil can be a good help to have hair that is easy to comb and shiny, if used as a mask after shampooing and as anti-dandruff if used as a skin treatment. If you want to make a mask with linseed, we recommend moistening the hair, apply the oil in the hair but not on the skin to prevent it from getting too fat, wrap the hair in a damp towel and hold for 30 minutes, then rinse with a gentle shampoo.


It is a light oil, perfect to use on fine and thin hair because it does not weigh down. It is an oil with strong reinforcing properties, acts as a natural antibacterial and contrasts dandruff and dry skin, gives shine, softness and is non-greasy. Also useful for those who lose a lot of hair because it brings the sebaceous glands back to normal production which, if in excess, do not guarantee natural hair growth.


Another oil that is always widely used and has excellent qualities is almond oil, which when applied to still damp hair seals the fiber forming a protective layer that prevents water loss. It is especially suitable for curly and frizzy hair but gives shine and softness to any type.


The king of hair oils is argan oil, a protective oil with multiple functions. Rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, it restructures hair by strengthening its keratin. It ensures incomparable shine and softness, while keeping the hair light.

It is phenomenal if used at sea as a hair protection oil: in this case, distribute it all over the hair before exposure to the sun and after the evening shampoo apply a few more drops, both on the lengths and ends, in this way you will have soft hair, easy to comb and style. If you too are among those who never give up straightening, the advice is to choose Elegance Argan straightener, which enhance the properties of the oil. The straighteners are coated with tourmaline, a material that slides quickly on the hair, reducing their exposure to heat and releasing negative ions naturally.

Elegance Argan

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